1Password 6.3.1 Changelog 한글 번역

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6.3.1 (build #631006)

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VoiceOver 위주로 마이너한 업데이트가 이루어진 모양.

1Password for Mac 6.3.1 is now available.

6.3.1 (build #631006)

While it has not even been a fortnight since the release of 1Password 6.3, we’ve been working non-stop on 1Password 6.3.1 and decided we didn’t want you to wait for it any longer. Today’s update brings a large number of VoiceOver improvements for our customers whose vision is impaired.

Releases like this are driven by your feedback, so thank you for reaching out and letting us know what needed tending to. Until next time!



⁃ Fixed an issue where the Import window could select the wrong profile if it had the same name as another profile. {OPM-4063} ⁃ Fixed a rare issue where some Logins were not properly matching to the current web page. ⁃ Fixed an issue that could cause items with invalid created/updated timestamps from syncing with 1Password accounts. {OPM-4157}